Custom eCommerce solutions

We offer a full range of e-commerce solutions and services, from creating an entire online robust store to just adding a simple shopping cart to an existing website.  Our goal is to offer you all of the necessary design, development and search marketing services needed with a variety of solutions to meet your business needs and budget.

If you have tangible products to sell, we help you define whether your products are simple or variable, setting up the right sales tax criteria, integrating shipping modules for common carriers like Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL or free shipping for promo items. Creating a smooth checkout process can go a long way towards pushing customers to finish their purchases so we make sure you have simple checkout process that helps your online store with better conversion rates.

Online Sales to wholesale

Selling online can be tricky specially if it isn’t a regular retail store.  Custom eCommerce solutions are provided to clients with special requirements.  For example, we created a custom eCommerce solution to a well-known local manufacturer that was selling mainly through their catalog to consumers and taking phone orders from their resellers.  Adding new sales channels by creating a custom online store tailored to wholesale and retail was a very success move as the new stream of revenue was recognized with measured results.  As part of our analysis,  a process was defined to distinguish between two types of customers the client sells to, regular customers and resellers.  Adjust different settings like pricing, payment structure and minimum quantities to order are necessary to capture more revenue from selling to both types of customers.   An eCommerce store was developed to sell only to approved resellers  with a custom payment terms and structure that is different to the regular customer who can buy at a regular retail price with the standard checkout process.  New features were added to the online store to make a smooth transition serving both types of clients, including new user roles, setting minimum quantity to order,  changing prices based on quantity ordered.   New custom wholesale inquiry form was developed with various conditions  to help expand their wholesale business.

Selling Prescription Products Online

Recently we were approached from a local retailer selling skincare products, requesting a new eCommerce store, with the ability to sell prescription-based products.  We were excited to create a new online store, replacing their existing one with a more powerful robust features tailored specifically to their line of business.  Conditional forms were developed for all their prescription products and they were integrated as part of the product page.   Capturing required prescription products related forms was viral to capture before placing an order.   Creating a custom product page specifically to prescription products is a success as we measured and noted the spike in conversion.  Custom product pages based on different categories were the key in selling both regular and prescription-based skincare products online.  Part of our services was optimizing the site, adding redirects and running Analytics to measure traffic.  The metrics indicated  789% revenue growth in their first year of their new online store comparing to prior year with their old online store, and 390% to the second year.  The ROI or return on investment is one of the most important metrics to take into account with your online shop. It was the profit metrics measured that helped us expand our services to the same client in maintaining their online store, adding new features like syncing their inventory with their brick and mortar POS system.  Our services expanded to creating their online marketing campaigns, including content writing, social media and newsletters.

Integrating existing solutions is always our first approach we take prior to new development.   Being in business for more than 15 years, working with different developers and testing new plugins or solutions through various codes.  That exposure helps us recognizing reputable solutions to use, and maintain as part of our maintenance service to our clients.  We pass our experience to our clients as part of our services, prior to developing a solution from scratch that takes time and cost more.  Our goal is helping clients grow their business within a budget they can afford.  If you are not satisfied with your website performance or your online store or if you think about adding a new functionality to your existing site, give us a call or send us an email.  We will be happy to offer you free consultation to discuss your options with different approaches.