Website/WordPress maintenance & support

Website Maintenance comprises all the activities needed to ensure the operational integrity of your website. It is about doing all the things needed to make sure your site is secured and runs smoothly and according to plan.

Regular WordPress

Pushing updates on a regular basis
to keep WordPress reliable and secure.

Theme and Plugin

Pushing theme and plugins updates but being on the lookout for conflicts, and other factors that could affect the speed or stability of your website.

Offsite Daily Backup

Your website and its database are backed up daily.
No worries, we can restore your site in a minute.

Website Monitoring

To monitor and to create a safe online experience
for you and your users who navigate your website.
Your website will be secure and safe!

Website Firewall

Cloud-based Firewall to prevent your website
from being hacked, and to limit access attempts
to entry points in order to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited

Technical Support

We will answer any of your questions shortly and offer you technical support to repair website problems

Creating Staging Environment

Staging environment is an independent clone of your live production site that will be created for you to test new functions,
to train your staff on how to update your content and to test your work before adding it to your live site

There is a need to keep WordPress reliable and secure, which requires regular maintenance and security updates.
We will take care of the hassles no one likes!